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Project Description as starting point

In 2009 the projects and started with the aim to realise a common nationwide reference graph for the Austrian traffic network (Graph Integration Platform GIP). This graph should come with an intermodal approach and with highest quality as well as permanently updated data. The e-government-tools needed for updating the data base (measure and crossing assistant) are developed within the project

2012 the first GIP prototype is ready for deployment. In the beginning of 2014 the first two district administrations in located Lower Austria use the measure and crossing assistant for their daily work. As expected, the e-government-tools increase efficiency and cooperation of the administration tasks.


Results and advantages

  • Administration processes within the administration units become much more efficient and simplified by using the new e-government-tools.
  • Common standards and interfaces ensure better cooperation between the different administration units.
  • By using the e-government-tools the GIP can be daily updated with new StVO measures without additional effort. At least, this makes the consistent high data quality of the GIP possiple which is necessery for all GIP based services like the Traffic Information Austria VAO.
  • Measure and crossing assistent are provided to the administration units by the Austrian provinces (GIP partners).

The project GIP.gv.ROLLOUT was made possible by the Climate and Energy Funds, receiving a 50% subsidy.

Duration: 2012 – 2015