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Technical Details - eGovernment processes on the basis of the GIP

Every local authority continues to be responsible for its own portfolio, hence both assistants have been integrated in the Federal Government's portal interconnection system. The assistants can be activated using SKAT software, but also with any other web interfaces and in all other programmes. Since their development was funded by the federal provinces, both the action assistant and the crossing assistant are available to cities and municipal departments for license-free use.

Action assistant

The action assistant is a practical tool that promptly visualises, plans and checks the impact of actions implemented in accordance with the Austrian Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) The road network can be entered into the assistant along with orthophotographs and cadastral maps. Once the person in charge has entered the actions to be implemented and their validity, he or she immediately receives feedback with proposals on how to make this information public and the corresponding passage from the regulation. The quote from the regulation can be added directly to the document for processing by the authority. At the same time, the action assistant records information relating to the impact of the actions in the system. This information is automatically checked to determine any inconsistencies with other activities. Once implementation of the actions has been notified, the person in charge is expected to tag the action with "valid". This updated information is available to all information systems on a daily basis. The action assistant also serves as basis for a host of further eGovernment developments in the administration. These include a construction site management system and a system for the management of licenses in public transport (Act on Passenger Transport Services or KflG).

Crossing assistant

The crossing assistant is a special tool to be used by road operators for lane-specific operation of crossings. With this tool, authorities get to implement actions for each individual lane.

Action and crossing assistant
Action and crossing assistant