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Project Description - the tool for up-to-date traffic data in the GIP

The ongoing adjustment and improvement of transport infrastructure always needs to take into account pertinent laws and is usually associated with changes to traffic management and organisation. Traffic signs and floor markings therefore need to be reviewed on an ongoing basis and, if need be, redefined. The municipal departments and district administrations have all the information on free flowing traffic, the authorities in the federal provinces and municipalities have all the information on public and stationary traffic. Many different digital databases have been in operation until now. These could not be synced and created an additional administrative burden.

Thanks to the project, it is now possible to compile traffic-related data created by means of eGovernment processes to comply with legal requirements and make it directly available in digital format. These eGovernment processes and the requisite interfaces and standards have been defined and developed jointly by the project partners. The Graph Integration Platform (GIP) is the reference system for all eGovernment processes and has thus improved the basic input for the authorities, i.e. with respect to mileage, street names or responsibilities.

The project has a total financing volume of EUR 2,032,000 and was made possible by the Climate and Energy Fund, receiving a 50% subsidy under the framework of the framework programme "Public Transport".

Duration: 9/2009 – 12/2012