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Incentive and Goals

Benefits for administration, road users and emergency services

The GIP offers the public administration and authorities an overview of the entire transport infrastructure by furnishing all the essential information in a nutshell. Parallel, and thus multiple, data storage systems are therefore no longer required. The system makes it easier to verify whether an official order or action complies with the Austrian Road Traffic Regulations or is in violation of any other official orders. Moreover, the impact of traffic signs on the flow of traffic can be determined. The GIP is also necessary to implement the Intelligent Transport Systems Act (IVS), the INSPIRE Directive and the PSI Directive with the local and regional authorities.

The administration is able to offer the population affected by the various activities more service by warranting quick access to the required information. The GIP provides an overall view of the various situations, allowing a quicker response to any incoming inquiries. For the mandatory reports required to ensure transport-related environmental monitoring, the GIP likewise serves as a basic tool, providing a cooperative traffic information service nationwide. By pointing up alternatives, a switch to an environmentally friendly mode of transport (public transport, bicycle, walking) becomes attractive and greater awareness is ensured.

The police can use the GIP to localise accidents more precisely with less effort. Accident management and the analysis of accident concentration points become much easier thanks to this system. The GIP furthermore serves as basis for route approvals in the event of special transports (SOTRAs) and dangerous goods transports.